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2015 Piedmont PFHA Trail Ride Coordinator is: Kirsten Baldwin.
Contact: silverlynin@gmail.com

2015 Trail Ride Calendar


11        Piedmont Trail Ride - Fox Family Farm
            Where: Waxhaw, NC
            Contact: Valerie Fox
            Details: Come ride more than twelve miles of trails on 155 acres at Fox Family Farm                 just outside of Waxhaw, NC - - most of the trails are great for easy, relaxing riding with             a few more challenging areas - - and then there are the open fields as well - - It's a                   beautiful area very close to Charlotte and easy to get to, so mark your calendars for a               great ride!             


            Piedmont Trail Ride


TBD     Piedmont Trail Ride - Broad River Greenway
            Where: Boiling Springs, NC
            Contact: Paul Marlowe if you plan on attending to plan for lunch.            
            paul@elescuderopasofinos.com, ph: 336-250-5235
            Trails Map
            Details: The 1500 acre Greenway, running along both sides of the Broad River,                       beckons, nature lovers with a variety of animals and plants.

29        Piedmont Trail Ride - Raven Rock State Park
            Where: 1500 River Rd, Fuquay-Varina, NC 27526
            Contact: Carmalee Scarpitti or call 919-434-8051
            Raven Rock Park Trails Map

            Details: There are east and west loops. The east loop is prettier, but the west loop has             the creek crossing and steps. We will be meet to ride at 10am; ride one loop, break for             lunch and then ride the other loop starting about noon. Each loop is 4 miles; usually                   takes 60 to 90 minutes to ride each.

            There is a bathroom and a water fountain, but no horse water except creek crossings.               If your horse is a picky drinker you might want to bring some water and a bucket.                       There aren't any picnic tables so you should bring a chair.

            The terrain is varied from creek bottom to ridge lines. At times, you feel like you could               be in the mountains. There are bridges, a wide creek crossing and a set of horse size               steps. Horses need front shoes or boots, because it's rocky in places.


19        Piedmont Trail Ride - Hitchcock Forest
            Where: Aiken, SC
            Contact: Stella Manberb-Wise
            Hitchcock Woods Trails Map 
            Details: Be ready to ride at 10:30 am. Overnight options are available. There are over               70 miles of sandy trails that provide access to the stunning variety of ecosystems in the             2,100 acres of forestland.

            Trail ride begins at 10:30 am, with a lunch break. Everyone meet at the Dibble Road               entrance, because it has a lot of parking.


            Piedmont Trail Ride



Piedmont's Trail Ride Reports - 2014

Piedmont's August Trail Ride in Hitchcock Woods, Aiken SC

Hitchcock Woods1  Hitchcock Woods ride Lunch

The trail ride at Hitchcock Woods, Aiken, SC was a ton of fun. A small, but dedicated group came out to enjoy the Woods (Katy Nichoalds, Pam Graves, Brent and Cindy Forehand, Stella Wise). All would like to see more Paso Fino outings in the southern part of South Carolina and are willing to help get some things going.

We took off at 10:30 am after the Aiken Hounds group left out. They were a large group of at least 30, but as soon as they left, we did not see them anymore. That is the beauty of Hitchcock Woods! We rode the western part of the Woods and enjoyed wonderful weather. The horses enjoyed going out at a nice largo pace, which we kept much of the time. For me personally, it was fun to ride with other Pasos, since I don't get to very often. Flying through the trails with other Pasos is a ton of fun, since my horse and I are used to dog walking with mustangs and quarter horses!

We wrapped up the fun ride with pizza in the parking lot. Thank you to Pam Graves for the picnic table and Brent for the chairs. We would love to have more out for next year.

Katy Nichoalds
Trail Ride Host

Note: Piedmont will miss Katy as she has plans to move to the Deep South region later this year. Thank you Katy for all you have done for Piedmont over the years.

logoDate:    April 5th, 2014. -- rain date:  April 12, 2014
Time:   10 a.m. until whenever!
Place:  Fox Farm, 7505 Sims Road, Waxhaw, NC
Host:   Valerie Fox. 704-243-0113 or 704-516-8060

Just bring you and your horse!

Come ride more than twelve miles of trails on 155 acres at Fox Family Farm just outside of Waxhaw, NC - - most of the trails are great for easy, relaxing riding with a few more challenging areas - - and then there are the open fields as well - - It's a beautiful area very close to Charlotte and easy to get to, so mark your calendars for a great ride!

We’ll have lunch (provided for you) at the barn so you can kick back and relax after riding in 155 acres of woods and fields - - twelve miles of well-marked trails through the woods, creek crossings if you like, open fields if you would prefer.

Stalls can be provided if you let me know ahead of time.

So, come on and have a great time with your friends!  Please let me know if you’re coming so I can plan for lunch - -  vfox@windstream.net.

Here is a Trail Ride Flyer to print off with directions.

Paso Fino Recreational Rider Programs

Piedmont Trail Rides at the Sandhills State Park, SC

Piedmont Pathfinders Program

Piedmont Pathfinders trail program is similar to Pasos For Pleasure at the National PFHA level, but is the Piedmont regional level recreational riding reward program. Award hours start at 50 hours and go to 1000 hours. For a one time join PP program fee of $25, you will receive a T-shirt and log sheets to track your hours.

Pathfinders Level Rewards:

50 hours- hat
100 - coffee mug
300 - cantle bag
400 - safety kit
500 - sweatshirt
1000 - jacket
Feedback requested: what are other reward options?

A special prize will be awarded to the rider with the most hours at the end of each year. Membership is open only to Piedmont PFHA members. Double points will be awarded for any sanctioned trail ride regardless of group/breed. Signature of trail host required. To join, send $25 and T-shirt size to:

Paulette Denault-Bryce
2235 Old Georgetown Rd. W.
Cassatt, SC 29032

PFHA Ticket to Ride Program

Prizes awarded to yearly drawing of tickets submitted by PFHA members participating in the Ticket to Ride program. Qualifying activities include trail competitions, parades, drill teams and benefit events, as well as other non-show events.Five documented qualifying activities make up one complete Ticket to Ride.Participants send in completed tickets by September 1 to be entered in a drawing held at the PFHA Grand National Championship show. Participants do not have to be present to win.

Update: A PFHA/regional activity can now be counted twice on the Ticket to Ride form. Non-regional activities will continue to only count as a single event. This means that if your region schedules a trail competitions, parade, drill team, etc., members may now count as two blocks on their Ticket to Ride form for this activity. We hope that this revamp will help to stimulate more participation in your region.

Print off PFHA Ticket to Ride Form to print off

PFHA Pasos For Pleasure Program

The PFHA Pasos for Pleasure Program rewards participating PFHA members for time spent riding registered Paso Fino horses.Earn cumulative hour patches and gift awards. Non-pointed riding activities such as everyday trail rides, arena work, saddle training, parade and drill team venues, etc., qualify. One time registration fee to join the program. Participants keep a log of time spent in the saddle and then submit their logs upon reaching specified cumulative hours for respective patches and gift awards. Top Ten awards presented annually with publication in the Paso Fino Horse World magazine.

PFHA Recreational Rider programs also include:

Competitive Trail, Endurance Trail, Pleasure Long Distance, American Endurance Ride Breed Award, North American Trail Ride Breed Award, Programs with yearly presentation of title with award presented to a participanting rider/horse with the most sanctioned points. For more information on these Recreational rider programs visit the PFHA website.

Piedmont PFHA Trail Ride Online Videos

Biltmore Trail Ride Video by Galopandotv.com
Blake-Cliff Trail Ride
by Galopandotv.com
Sandhills State Forest Trail Ride by Galopandotv.com


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